Do Prospecting as you do life..l

When I got into the business of Network-marketing one of the more difficult things for me to grasp was ,how do you actually “Network” with people. I mean the idea of network marketing is to get people interested enough to purchase products or services while at the same time building trust and a relationship. I have never been in sales, and I have never been in any type of networking business.

For many people this type of work comes naturally, they are out going and pleasant and alway have a smile on their face. It is as though potential partners just flock to them, or thats the way they make it look. However, there is a segment of the population that doesn’t have that natural ability, it has to be learned and worked on. This category includes me. I am a person that has spent years in the background by choice, because it is a valued trait that I have fostered over a previous career. One that is not very productive when it comes to networking and meeting people. So it is something that I am trying to unlearn.

So how do you actually prospect some one, how do you, gain contacts? Fortunately for me, the company that I represent, has a wonderful willingness to help each other build ourselves up. We provide each other with countless opportunities to learn and build our businesses. One of the items that we use are training calls, that are created by our colleagues that have become experts in our business. So I was listening to one of our calls, and one of the trainers (Paul) said something that made a lot of sense. He said “do prospecting as you do life” and then he went on to explain what he meant.

He said that prospecting is about creating relationships, and striking up conversations. Conversations can be had any where and at anytime. When prospecting, it is not always about the product, or the business. It is about creating trust and the belief that you can be trusted. Paul said that if we need to go to he mall any way, why not, treat it as a opportunity to gain a contact. Do this when you go to the doctor, when you go to the Gym, when you go the grocery store. “Do prospecting as you do life.”. Prospecting is about building your contacts, creating connections with people and building yourself up as well as those that you meet.

When I heard this little phrase I had a light bulb moment, prospecting as you do life, doesn’t require me to go anywhere or do anything that I wouldn’t already do, except actually talk to people. At my day job I do this on a regular basis anyway, with literally thousands of people per day. Im not sure if Paul came up with this phrase on his own or if he borrowed it from someplace, but it really made me think.

When I think about it, prospecting is not that much different than what I already do, except with a little more emphasis on active listening, and understanding on what a persons needs might be. Prospecting is a skill that I am working on and slowly improving with over time. If any one out there is reading this, and your thinking of getting involved with Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing, one of the things you should be asking is, what kind of training and support will you receive? The reason this is important, is because your success is tied in to the success of your up line. If they are not genuinely interested in how you are progressing as a person then you may want to not get into that business .. because it is your very ability to make connections and contacts that will determine if your business venture is going to be a success or not.



img_0524-3I’m sure we have all heard it said that life is a journey … will the old saying is true. Life is all about journeys, beginnings and endings and all the stuff that fills up the middle. Life is made up of starts and stops, beginnings and endings. We all are on many different journeys all at the same time. Some of the journeys are unplanned and we don’t even realize that we are on the journey until we are at its end, and other journeys are planned and yet the outcomes are still unexpected.

When people plan a journey (and I’m not talking about going on a trip) it is because we want to change something, or maybe we must change something. It may be because we don’t like something about the current situation, or our lives as they are.  When planing journeys most of us focus on the end result as the goal or destination as the most important part. In my mind I look at  journeys differently, in that they should be broken down into smaller attainable goals. In starting any life journey the first goal that you should set is, actually starting the journey.

I will be the first one to tell you that making a coarse correction in your life is not easy, for some of us it can feel downright impossible. However, there is another side to this coin and that is; if life were easy, everyone would be doing it right, right from the start. A couple of years ago I decided to correct the course of my journey, however this wasn’t all my idea, my doctor did have something to do with the decision. The basic jest of the conversation was this, he could give me more pills, or I could change my life or I would end up dying sooner than I needed to. That comment was a pretty sobering statement coming from my doctor, however this should be said by more doctors, to more patients, more often.

So needless to say my thoughts switched over to making changes. One of the nice things about journeys is that you can change them, you can make them longer, you can make them shorter… basically you can take a detour. One of the most important things about journeys is in order to change them you actually have to take control of of the journey.

I made a decision to make an investment into myself, and try and take control of my journey and work towards my end goal or my journeys conclusion. I don’t know exactly were it will end but I do know the direction I want it to take. I encourage everyone to take that first step and and get back into the fight and make their first goal, the beginning of their journey.

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